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December 3, 2022
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The Music House
Produced by: Eka Morgan
Music is the life-blood of the Baka Pygmies, the rainforest people of the Cameroon. They use music to enchant the animals of the forest before the hunt, to cure illnesses and to overcome disputes. Everyone sings and plays and there is no sense of performer and audience. The Euro-African band 'Baka Beyond' have been making music inspired by their visits to the Baka for over ten years. On this visit, at the request of the Baka, the band are taking an English timber-frame specialist to build a music house for them, paid for with royalties from Baka Beyond's recordings. In this program, Producer Eka Morgan travels to the forest to meet the Baka and members of the band while they build the music house.

Program Credits

The Music House was produced and presented by Eka Morgan.


Baka Beyond
Baka Beyond is a cross over African Celtic band. They draw influence from the Baka, and profits from their sales help to build the music house.

The Baka Project
This agency brings healthcare, education, and agricultural training and technology to the Baka to improve their living conditions.

Baka Pygmies
Learn about Italian ethnomusicologist and composer, Mauro Campagnoli's work with the Baka, as well as view photos and learn more about the Baka's customs and traditions.

Smithsonian Global Sound
Access and buy world music.

Garland Encyclopedia of World Music, Vol. 1: Africa
by: Ruth M. Stone , James Porter , Timothy Rice (Editors) 1998
The first in a ten volume series on world music.

Cameroon in Pictures
by: Jim Hathaway, Lerner Publishing Group 1999
An introduction the geography, the people, and the culture of Cameroon through photographs.

World Music: A Global Journey
by: Terry Miller, Andrew Shahriari,2005 2005
Discover music from around the world.

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