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September 28, 2023
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My Father's Island
Produced by: Ruth Evans
In the 1930s, five German brothers fled Nazi Germany and set sail for the Galapagos to live a Robinson Crusoe lifestyle. The Angermeyers were exotic and eccentric, and among the first permanent settlers. Through the memories of Joanna and other family members, Producer Ruth Evans of the BBC uncovers the family history and their links with the Galapagos. This program is part of our international documentary exchange series, Crossing Boundaries.

Program Credits

My Fatherís Island was compiled and presented by Ruth Evans of the BBC. It was produced for the BBC World Service by Gillian Grey. This program originally aired as part of the international documentary exchange series, Crossing Boundaries.


An organization dedicated to promoting conservation, education, and scientific research in and on behalf of the Galapagos Islands.

BBC History - World War II
An educational website from the BBC which gives a general overview of World War II.

Angermeyer Cruises and Tours
Visit the Galapagos through an Angermeyer family business.

Desperate Journeys, Abandoned Souls : True Stories of Castaways and Other Survivors
by: Edward E. Leslie 1998
A riveting collection of true stories of survivors from ship wrecks to plane crashes dating from the early 1700s to present day.

Robinson Crusoe
by: Daniel Dafoe 2001
Revisit the classic tale of an ordinary man marooned on a desert island for nearly three decades.

An Identification Guide to the Birds, Mammals, and Reptiles of the Galpagos Islands
by: Andy Swash, Robert Still and Ian Lewington 2001
A comprehensive guide to the unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands

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