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December 3, 2022
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The Power of the Unemployed
Produced by: Chris Brookes
Pierce Power was a charismatic man who stood up to Newfoundland's Commission government and fought for the rights of the poor and unemployed in the 1930s. To some, he was a hero; others called him a fraud. Producer Chris Brooks brings us the chronicles of Powers little-known life.

Program Credits

The Power of the Unemployed was produced by Chris Brookes for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


The Brock University Labor Studies Program Home Page (Ontario, Canada)

Black Thursday: October 24, 1929 - the Great Stock Market Crash

Main Causes of the Great Depression

Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression
by: Studs Terkel 2002
A reprint of the classic book that focused on oral interviews regarding the Great Depression.

Great Depression: America in the 1930s
by: T.H. Watkins 1995
T.H. Watkins' widely-acclaimed history of the Great Depression,

Dirty Thirties
by: Mary Turck 2002
A look at the events of the 1930's.

Great Depression: Delayed Recovery and Economic Change in America, 1929-1939
by: Michael Andre Bernstein, Louis Galambos (Editor), Robert Gallmam (Editor) 1989
A new interpretation of the American economy during the Great Depression is provided by a detailed examination of the uneven fate of manufacturing industries during the 1930s.

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