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February 22, 2024
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The Last Good Sari
Produced by: T. Jayashree
A woman's life in modern India-- bound as it is by traditional cultural and religious strictures-is prescribed by her caste and her sex in ways most Westerners might findhard to understand. From girlhood through adolescence, marriage to widowhood, an Indian woman is not supposed to ask questions about her body, about her husband, or about society s expectations of her. But this is slowly changing. In this documentary, filmmaker T. Jayashree weaves her own story of growing up in India while introducing us to women in Southern India. These stories reveal the power and strength of women helping each other break ancient molds and celebrate their own identity.


Bride Burning and Dowry Deaths in India
This article discusses the rapid rise of dowry deaths and bride burning as an indication of the growing exertion of patriarchal power and cruelty on women in India

Women in Hinduism
A very good Outline of the different aspects of women and marriage in India.

Statistics on Dowry and Bride Burning
"Are our sisters and daughters for sale? When will the horrors of dowry and bride-burning end?" asks Himendra Thakur

Sex Selection
More in-depth information on sex selection of women in india.

Birth Bias among women in India
"India rapped over birth bias" -BBC. An article in the BBC discussing the issue of selective abortion of girls.

Indian Women Online
Explains the intricacies and loopholes of the Indian judicial system as it affects women's rights regarding matrimony, property, inheritance and more.

The Indian Caste System
A short explanation of the caste system

Confronting Sexism and Violence against Women: A Challenge for Social Work
Using a continuum model, each chapter examines a specific problem or issue while showing readers how various forms of sexism and violence are interrelated. Karen D. Stout,Beverly McPhail

The War against Women
Bestselling novelist and feminist scholar Marilyn French has written a shocking and fascinating analysis of the history of women's political, cultural, physical, and economic repression that is as controversial as it is utterly convincing. Backed with often-ignored statistics, she argues that the supression of women in society is an intrinsic part of our culture.

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