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December 3, 2022
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Getting Your Bearings
Produced by: Judith Kampfner
Losing your balance and feeling dizzy? It happens as we grow older, and astronauts are trying to help us figure out why. Why do we get seasick? Why do we get any kind of motion sickness? What is going on in our bodies that so disturbs our equilibrium? The effects of motion sickness--disorientation, maladjustment to environment, and human flexibility to adapt--are the same effects experienced by astronauts in outer space.

Part II in our mini-series on space research, funded in part by WABE-FM and the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.

Program Credits

Getting Your Bearings was produced by Judith Kampfner. This program was funded in part by WABE FM and the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta Georgia.


Ask an Astronaut
If you're wondering what it really feels like to float around in zero gravity, you can ask the pros themselves on this site!

NASA's Neurolab
Learn about the research done in the Neurolab, and quiz yourself on Neurolab trivia.

Motion Sickness
This site outlines the causes and cures for motion sickness

Amazing Space
set of web-based activities primarily designed for classroom use, but made available for all to enjoy

Dizzy: What You Need to Know About Managing and Treating Balance Disorders
by: Jack J. Wazen 2004
A guide for identifying balance disorders and methods of treatment.

Immortality: How Science Is Extending Your Lifespan and Changing the World
by: Ben Bova 1998
Science Ben Bova predicts how technological advancements will allow humans to live longer.

AstroFit: The Astronaut Program for Anti-Aging
by: William J. Evans, Gerald Secor Couzens, John Glenn (Illustrator) 2003
This fitness plan is outlined on the research done by NASA to keep astronauts fit in space.

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