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December 10, 2023
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Digital Darwinism
Produced by: John Keefe
A new breed of creatures is populating our planet. Like other Earthly life forms, they evolve from a few simple cells into higher beings capable of competition, cooperation, and sexual relations. Unlike other critters, their habitat is a computer's memory and they are, in fact, just computer programs. In "Digital Darwinism," producers John Keefe and Samantha Beres explore this new world of self-evolving computer organisms. They also show how a bunch of independent computer programs, or even little robots, can develop community behavior. Like ants at a picnic, each program or robot just fends for itself: moving around, looking for food, and collecting food. But when enough of them get together, computer societies akin to ant colonies "emerge" with little or no human intervention.

Program Credits

Digital Darwinism was produced by John Keefe as part of Making Connections: Science on Soundprint, funded in part by the National Science Foundation. Research by Samantha Beres. Thanks to David Bergman, the musical group Nightnoise and Victor Zeuthen.


MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab

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Rain forest biologist Tom Ray grew self-replicating, evolving digital creatures in his laptop computer.

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