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December 3, 2022
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The Place You Cannot Imagine
Produced by: Lea Redfern
Gyzele Osmani is an Albanian woman who fled East Kosovo in 1999 with her husband and five children to find refuge in Australia. When the Australian Government decided that Kosovo was safe, they refused to go back. The family reasoned that nowhere could be worse than their village, which was still without the protection of the United Nations. They was arrested and taken into the infamous and isolated Port Hedland Detention Centre. Gyzele and her family spent seven months there. Gyzele's story is contextualised by Marion Le, a migration agent and human rights spokesperson, who intervened to have the family released from detention, and by Melanie Poole, an 18-year-old school student who interviewed Gyzele and wrote a prize-winning account of her story.

Program Credits

The Place You Cannot Imagine was produced for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation by Lea Redfern, with technical production by Phillip Ulman. It originally aired as part of the series Global Perspectives: Looking for Home. The reading at the beginning of the program was from Notes Towards a Poem That Can Never Be Written, published in True Stories, Poems by Margaret Atwood.


Global Perspectives: Looking for Home
This edition of Global Perspectives, entitled 'Looking for Home' explores the theme of immigration and the impact of an ever-changing global landscape on people's lives.

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