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December 3, 2022
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The Baseball Plantation
Produced by: Kathy McAnally
It's a story about big business, modern colonialism and people struggling to survive; it's also a story about hope, and dreams coming true. In the Dominican Republic, where political corruption and poverty run rampant, baseball is a respite from economic struggle; it is also a way out to a new life in a new country. Baseball is also big business for North American Leagues. Since the '50s, recruitment of young players has been relatively cheap and easy. Now the Japanese have decided to enter the market, bringing new styles of acculturation and baseball. Producer Kathy McAnally looks at the issues with Stan Javier of the Oakland A's; Luis Polonia of the New York Yankees; Epy Guerrero, scout for the Toronto Blue Jays; the retired pitcher Joaquin Andujar; and others.

Program Credits

The Baseball Plantation is a Soundprint Classic produced by Kathy McAnally.


Links: - MLB/WORLDCLASSIC2006 - Inside the Dominican Republic
Statistics provided by Luis Polonia Profile and Scouting Report

The Diamond Angle--Rafael Trujillo
One of the stranger episodes in the history of the Negro Leagues took place in the Summer of 1937 when some of the best talent was drawn to the Dominican Republic.

Tropic of Baseball: Baseball in the Dominican Republic
by: Rob Ruck 1999
Rob Ruck looks at the current state of baseball in the country that has produced Sammy Sosa and many other major league stars.

Dominican Republic
by: Kerry-Ann Morris, Nafisah Ismail 2003
"The Dominican Republic has magnificent mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, and one of the largest rivers in the Caribbean. Although the country has progressed steadily since Spanish conquistadors first arrived in the sixteenth century, Dominican history is marked by political instability and harsh dictatorships. From the country's highest peak of Pico Duarte to the fertile lowlands of Cibao Valley, from the stately residence of Diego Columbus to brightly colored village houses, and from treasure-laden colonial ships to famous baseball stars, this book investigates the spirit of a people always striving for a better future."--from the publisher

Diamonds around the Globe: The Encyclopedia of International Baseball
by: Peter C. Bjarkman 2004
"In this reference book, the first of its kind, narrative chapters trace the history of baseball in Australia, Canada, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and throughout the rest of the world. Each chapter also profiles the teams in each country and includes biographies of famous players throughout history. The book is capped off with a chronology of important events, an annotated bibliography, and contact information for official baseball federations throughout the world."--from the publisher

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