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September 29, 2023
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Deeper and Deeper
Produced by: Brent Clough
It's a form of therapy experiencing a late 20th century revival. It's become pervasive, fashionable and acceptable in countries around the world, from the United States, to Great Britain, to Australia. It's not a drug and it's not a diagnosis. It's hypnotherapy, and it's gaining ground in mainstream culture as both a therapy and a form of entertainment. What are some of the secrets, the methods and the attractions? Join us and the hypnotists as they take you ... deeper and deeper.

Program Credits

"Deeper and Deeper" was produced by Brent Clough of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The voices in the program included Patrick Gibson, Michelle Alexandroviks, Marshall Syler, Dr. Jonathan Miller, Paul DeMarinis, Andre the Hilarious Hynoptist, Professor Kevin McConkey and Leaon Cowan. The technical production was done by Philip Ulman and Ron Minogue. This program is part of the international documentary exchange series "Crossing Boundaries."


How and Why Hypnosis Works
Everything you wanted to know about Hypnosis.

London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH)
The London College of Clinical Hypnosis was created specifically to provide intending practitioners of hypnosis and hypnotherapy with the disciplines, skills and tuition necessary to practice both soundly and ethically.

Effective Self Hypnosis: Pathways to the Unconscious, Book/Tape Combination
by C. Alexander Simpkins, Annellen M. Simpkins, Ernest L. Rossi, Carmen Z. Simpkins
The book-tape combination examines the history, theory and practices of hypnosis, including directions and exercises for self hypnosis.

Fun With Hypnosis : The Complete How-To Guide
by Svengali
Become a hypnotist in an hour and perform for your friends and family. This book reveals the secrets behind hypnosis with easy to follow directions and word-for-word scripts.

Recreating Your Self: Building Self-Esteem through Imaging and Self-Hypnosis
By Nancy J. Napier
This book explores how adults can use hypnosis to heal residual emotional and physical wounds from childhood.

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